Costa Rica Blissful Nature & Beach Getaway

14 Nights – 15 Days

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Airport – Alajuela (40 Minutes Approx.) 13 Kms.

Transfer from the airport to the mountains of Alajuela. Along the way you will be able to appreciate agricultural plantations. On the way you will be surrounded by beautiful landscapes and views that will make your route a very pleasant journey and will accompany you to your hotel, located right at the foot of the Poas Volcano.


Alajuela – Boca Tapada (2 hours Approx.) 82.8 km

Transfer to Boca Tapada for a visit to the Volcán Póas National Park. Located in the northern lowlands, near the mouth of the San Carlos River and the Nicaraguan border, Boca Tapada is well off the beaten tourist path. However, this is an area that true ecotourists embrace for its natural beauty and tranquility. It is also an area of great agricultural importance. In 2005, the Costa Rican government declared the region surrounding Boca Tapada as the Maquenque Wildlife Refuge and Biological Corridor to maintain the fragile ecosystems of this wetland area. Within the Refuge, Boca Tapada is a primary nesting area for the endangered Great Green Macaw (Lapa Verde). The macaws feed on almond trees, which are common in the area, but almost as endangered as the birds that eat their seeds.

Poás Volcano is located at an altitude of 2,708 meters, has two craters and the Botos Lagoon of cold water.


Boca Tapada

Our tropical rainforest has a lush gallery with over 592 bird species, including some migratory species. Some of the species that can be found in our forests are Great Green Macaw (in endangered), Scarlet Macaw, some Toucans, Oropendolas, Honeycreepers, Tanagers, Euphonias, and Jacamars, just for the mention! We start the tour at 5:30 am, the time when most birds started their activity, our Naturalist Guide takes you through the gardens and lagoons until we have enough sunlight to enter the forest path, nesting place, for many bird species.


Boca Tapada

Get to know the delicious treasures of Costa Rica  and take part in our chocolate, coffee, sugar cane and organic farm tour! We will take you to live an unforgettable experience – You will get to know our organic farm and its sustainable importance. We will show you the wonderful world of local chocolate, coffee and also the sugar cane that sweetens our lives, including its history, tradition and current production. You will also learn about the cultivation and harvesting. We begin our tour with a walk through the gardens and trail along the San Carlos River, where we will experience directly the abundance of the flora and fauna. You will be amazed by the fruit trees. Later on we will visit the dairy, mill and the cheese house. Then, we will show you the orchard pollinated by Mariola bees, with a variety of crops that we use in our lodge’s restaurant. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to try different flavors of coffee in the coffee station, where we will also learn about its history and what it represents to our culture. After an explanation of the cocoa plantation, we will visit the chocolate station, we will learn how it is cultivated and the process of chocolate’s production. And last but not least – you can try different types of this “gods drink”!


Boca Tapada – Arenal (2 hours Approx.) 84.10 Kms.

Transfer to La Fortuna, where awaits the impressive Arenal Volcano, one of the natural wonders of the country for its majesty. Today there aren’t lava eruptions, but you can still observe the smoke, and ash spewing out of the top of the volcano. The Arenal Volcano region is an exquisite destination for its attractive landscape, its hot springs, and Lake Arenal. During the transfer, you will see agricultural plantations, ornamental plants and cattle farms.



Over 2.5 kilometers of trails through the rainforest, 15 bridges from 5 to 100 meters long, and some over 70 meters high. This trail is full of flora & fauna and amazing views of the Arenal Volcano. Closed tennis or hiking shoes are mandatory, the park will not allow entry to the trails to those passengers who use sandals or shoes that do not fully cover their feet.

After that, we are going to visit La Fortuna Waterfall; a view of the 70 meters high waterfall and a 600 meters hike to the natural pool at the base. Later on, drive to an organic production farm near La Fortuna for lunch.

At 3:00 p.m. the tour continues to the Arenal National Park, in there the tour guide will talk about the natural and geological history of the volcano, cross a path of solid lava and enjoy an excellent view over the volcano and Lake Arenal.



Day at leisure in Arenal Volcano.

Look for the optional tours suggested.


Arenal – Tenorio Volcano (1.5 hours Approx.) 63 Kms.

Transfer to Celeste River, a destination where you will discover the depths of the Tenorio Volcano National Park, the mysterious, and enchanting chemical phenomenon that transforms the water of two rivers into a blue stream.


Tenorio Volcano

The Rio Celeste Hike is in the Tenorio Volcano National Park. “Catarata Rio Celeste” is one of the seven natural wonders of Costa Rica. We will pick you up at the hotel (this may be a private transfer depending on the hotel location) and the tour will be led by a bilingual naturalist guide. We start guiding from the moment we leave the hotel. On the way to the national park we may stop to see toucans, monkeys, sloths or the beautiful view of the Tenorio & Miravalles Volcanos. We will also point out the rural life and typical activities in the area like agriculture and open cattle pastures.

Once inside the national park, we start with the hike. We begin by walking through a secondary forest which is a good place to spot insects and different birds. On the second half of the hike we will enjoy a primary forest where it is possible to uncover the footprints of the tapir and other animals. The trail is in a good condition but can be a little muddy in the rainy season. The iconic waterfall is the first main stop along the hike. This place is amazing, and you can see the waterfall up close. Later, we will be able to view the three different craters of the Tenorio Volcano.

Next, you’ll find the “Blue Lagoon” a great place for photos. 5 minutes after the lagoon, we will come across the “borbollones”. This is where the volcanic sulfur gases escape the earth’s surface. And lastly, before heading back, we will witness “Teñideros”, where two rivers join and the magic-like chemical reaction of transparent water instantly turning blue happens before our very eyes. This unique natural phenomenon in Costa Rica shouldn’t be missed.

DAY 10

Tenorio – Guanacaste south (3.5 hours Approx.) 160 Kms.

Transfer to the Nicoya Península, the largest in the country. Here you will find some of the most isolated, and beautiful beaches, especially for those looking for a good time under the sun. The gastronomic offer is wide and diverse, including Costa Rican, Italian, and Oriental food. Carrillo is a paradisiacal place, where you can enjoy a walk along the extensive beach.

DAY 11

Guanacaste south

Say farewell to a day well lived. Hike up to our secret scenic viewpoint and watch as the sunset´s perfect hues of pink and orange cover the Guanacaste skyline.

DAY 12

Guanacaste south

Discover the magic behind your favorite drink. Learn from our master mixologists how to create unique cocktails using the region’s special spices and blends. And make more than a refreshing drink as they share their insight into what makes a cocktail extraordinary.

DAY 13

Guanacaste south

Follow a moonlit paradise. As the day ends, a new world comes alive; the nocturnal wildlife wakes up. Our expert guides will help you spot the region’s creatures and tell you all about the distinct species of the night.

DAY 14

Guanacaste south – San José (5 hours Approx.) 240 Kms.

Transfer to the capital of San José, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Latin America. The city is located at a strategic point near the main tourist attractions such as historical buildings, museums, theaters, craft markets, beautiful parks, shopping malls, and offers a varied gastronomic offer.

DAY 15

San José – Airport (20 minutes Approx.) 16 Kms.

Once your unique experience around Costa Rica is complete; you will depart for the airport. You should be at the airport three hours before your flight departure time, and your transportation will be ready to arrive on time.


Included | Not included


  • Transfers from / to Airport
  • Ground transfers between destinations or car rental from Day 4 for 7 days with basic insurance included.
  • 14 nights accommodation with breakfast included.
  • Regular excursion: Bird watching tour
  • Regular Excursion: Arenal Volcano National Park, LA Fortuna Waterfall and Hanging Bridges
  • Regular Excursion: Rio Celeste & Tenorio Tour (With transportation)
  • Regular Excursion: Mixology Class
  • Regular Excursion: Night Hike
  • Value Added Tax
  • Infants from 0 to 2 years old do not pay
  • Child rate applies from 3 to 11 years old. Maximum 2 children sharing room with their parents

Not included

  • Activities not indicated in the program
  • Meals not indicated in the program
  • Tips for bellboys
  • Tips for housekeeping staff
  • All-risk insurance for the rental car
  • Mandatory Christmas and New Year’s dinners

Requirements for the rental car (in the case of using transfers, this should be omitted):

  • Valid driver’s license. Foreign licenses are valid in Costa Rica for 90 days from the date of entry into the country
  • Minimum driver age is 23 years old
  • The driver must carry a valid driver’s license from their country of origin
  • The driver must present a valid passport
  • The driver must present an original and available credit card (AMEX, VISA, MASTER CARD) for the security deposit ($500.00 approximately)



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Trip Summary

Sumario de Viaje

14 Nights – 15 Days
(Guaranteed daily departures from San Jose)
1N Poas
3N Boca Tapada
3N Arenal
2N Tenorio Volcano
4N Guanacaste
1N San José
Trip Highlights
Spectacular views of the Arenal Volcano
Cultural tour in a farm
Wildlife in its natural habitat
Enjoy the paradisiacal beaches of Guanacaste
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Private  Shared
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