What if an entire world of adventure was waiting for you?

That’s not the premise of the next Star Wars movie. Costa Rica provides a number of wonders that are out of this world.

There is so much to see that you can’t take it all in within one day. Instead, you need to experience it all with a multi-day Costa Rica tour.

Why a Costa Rica Tour?

Costa Rica has several very different towns and experiences. It’s impossible to take it all in on a very short visit.

Visiting Costa Rica is much more affordable than you may think. And it will provide memories that will last a lifetime.

Still on the fence? Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consult with a travel agency and treat yourself to a Costa Rica Tour.

Explore the Rainforest

Costa Rica offers a breathtaking rainforest for you to explore. And you are able to explore this rainforest completely on your own terms.

You may choose to make a quick visit to the rainforest as part of your trip. Or you can turn it into an entire adventure.

The Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic reserve lets you view the area in a number of different ways. This includes zip lines, tram lines, hanging bridges, and more.

No matter how you explore the rainforest, you’ll never forget the beauty that you discover!

Palo Verde Boat Tour

Another unique way to explore Costa Rica is to go by boat. The Palo Verde Boat Tour offers a special two-hour tour of the Palo Verde National Park.

This tour lets you get up close and personal with the wetlands area and all of the wildlife it contains. You get to thoroughly explore the river basin of the Tempisque River.

Overall, this is a fun tour for the entire family. And it’s short enough to leave room to check out even more things!

Honda ATV Tour

If you want to take in many different locales in one day, then the Honda ATV Tour is for you. You depart early in the morning from Jaco and then spend six hours touring the area by ATV.

In this time, you’ll explore everything from beaches to rainforests. You will also explore many of the small villages in the Costa Rica area.

The tour ends by bringing you to a beachside bar. Be sure to have your camera out to capture the amazing views of the setting sun!

Arenal Rafting

Those who are adventure junkies will definitely get a thrill out of Arenal Rafting. This lets you take a raft from La Fortuna in the morning and spend the entire day having a wet and wild adventure along the Toro River.

The professionals here will provide all of the equipment you need. They’ll also give you a guide to help keep you safe and to point out the awesome sights all around you.

As long as everyone is twelve or older, this makes for a great bonding experience for your family. And it lets you explore Costa Rica in the most thrilling way!

Horse Tours

Sometimes, technology can be very impersonal. This is why some people don’t like exploring Costa Rica using things like boats or ATVs.

For these people, horse tours are the best way to go. Discovery Horse Tours provides an opportunity to explore 1500 acres of a private reserve.

This tour lets you see a little bit of everything, including wildlife like monkeys and deer. There are also tour packages available at a variety of price points and lengths.

Whether you want to visit for a few hours or a few weeks, Discovery Horse Tours has you covered!

Private Cruises

There is nothing quite like a private cruise to explore Costa Rica. Private yachts are available for you to explore the area at your own time and pace.

Such yachts cater to a variety of different interests. Some visitors like to relax by fishing in exotic waters. Others enjoy taking enchanting photographs of the sunset off of Potrero Bay. Those same waters are also absolutely perfect for swimming.

Taking a private cruise is like having a vacation within a vacation. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy your own Costa Rica tour.

Carara National Park

If you want to challenge your body and mind, then Carara National Park is perfect. Guided tours are available for this unique area, but it requires extensive hiking across a challenging landscape.

Those willing to brave the challenge will find some of the most stunning trails in the world. There is also a crocodile tour that lets you get up close and personal with these exotic and dangerous animals.

These tours are available for single visitors as well as private groups. This gives you a great deal of flexibility as you see what Costa Rica has to offer!

Sloth Sanctuary

Part of the joy of any vacation is learning to relax. Visiting the Sloth Sanctuary lets you check out the most relaxed animals on the planet!

The Sanctuary offers two different kinds of tours. The Buttercup Tour is a shorter tour while the Insider’s Tour is longer and provides more detail about these animals.

The tour allows you to learn all about how sloths act and think. And it’s topped off with a canoe tour that is just relaxing as it is informative.

The Sloth Sanctuary is extraordinarily popular, so be sure to book your visit well in advance!

The Bottom Line

An unforgettable Costa Rica tour is waiting for you. However, most people don’t know where to start when it comes to planning their vacation.

Trying to plan things on your own can easily end in disaster. You might miss out on some of the wonderful activities you want to do or simply lose money that you could otherwise save.

At Best Tour Operator & DMC, we specialize in making your vacations affordable and amazing. To plan your next trip to Costa Rica, check out our vacation packages today to see how much money we can help you save!

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