Looking for a romantic destination that will satisfy all of your honeymoon desires?

Look no further than the tropical nation of Costa Rica!

It’s a beautiful nation full of breathtaking views. Stroll down to the coast for a relaxing day on the beach. Or, head inland and discover what the tropical jungles have to explore.

Going to Costa Rica for your honeymoon is one of the best choices you can make as a newlywed couple.

You’ll be in a wonderful, exciting land full of delights to enjoy and memories to make, with a variety of sights, sounds, and activities to satisfy any couple as they make their first journey through the world.

Read to learn why Costa Rica is perfect for your honeymoon destination.

How to Get to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in Central America, the thin strip of land joining the North and South Americas. It’s below Nicaragua and above Panama.

Right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. And about the size of West Virginia, so you’ll have the opportunity to explore both coasts.

Citizens of the United States can travel to Costa Rica for 60 days on a tourist visa, provided they have a return ticket and a US passport.

Flights are primarily scheduled to the capital city of San Jose. Here’s a breakdown of flight times from major US cities:

  • 5 1/2 hours from New York City
  • 6 hours from Los Angeles
  • 4 hours from Houston
  • 5 hours from Chicago

Once in Costa Rica, you have the option to rent a car or, like the locals, hop aboard the public transit. The local bus routes are fairly extensive, branching out from the main hub of San Jose.

If you’d like, you can also coordinate with our local touristy services to arrange transportation for you. It’s helpful to have someone else take care of all the details for when you touch down at the airport.

Then it’s time to start your honeymoon!

What to Do in Costa Rica

Wondering what the main attractions of Costa Rica are? There are lots of natural options and a variety of activities that should satisfy any sort of adventurer. Let’s take a look at what Costa Rica has to offer.


Costa Rica is abundant with natural beauty.

It’s surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the West and the Caribbean Sea to the east. In the middle are boisterous peaks of the Sierra Madre mountain range, surrounded by dense, tropical rainforest and jungle life.

Not to mention a few, active volcanoes. A magnificent sight to match the heated romance only a honeymooning couple can experience.

The coastal beaches offer ample opportunity to relax under the sun. Feel the cool breeze drifting off the ocean waves. And then you can head into the water for some choice surf or under-the-sea snorkeling.

Ready for a days journey into the jungle? There’s plenty to explore inside Costa Rica’s dense rainforests, including plants and animals native to the nation. Keep a lookout for howler monkeys and sloths, as well as hundreds of different exotic birds!


All that wonderful natural terrain has plenty to offer for the adventurous couples out there.

Imagine the rush you can share with your new spouse as you’re barreling down rapid rivers. Or zipping through the treetops on a zip line excursion. Perhaps you can take a kayak trip into the coastal caves, stealing a kiss in the dark.

Costa Rica has tons of adventures and activities for all to enjoy at any age. Daily excursions and overnight tours that will keep the blood pumping and the adventurous heart filled.

And when you’re ready for a relaxing afternoon to recuperate after all the recreation, there are plenty of services for that, as well. Enjoy a massage for two, and take part in a full-spa experience.

Kick back and relax to get revved up for another round of fun-filled adventure!


The best part of traveling to any new nation is the cuisines you’ll get to experience for the first time.

Costa Rica boasts lots of local, fresh ingredients found native to the tropical county. You’ll find plantains plucked from the plant, prepared freshly in the frier, and served as a delectable side-dish.

Fan of freshly caught seafood? You’ll be right at home in Costa Rica for your honeymoon. You can enjoy a stroll along the beach for two, and then pick up some freshly prepared tilapia ceviche, caught right on the coast!

And no morning can go without a fresh-as-can-be cup of coffee. With beans grown, roasted, and prepared right in Costa Rica. It’s an aroma sure to wake you up ready with energy for every new experience you’ll find that day.


No trip is complete without experiencing the local life with the native peoples.

Costa Ricans, or “ticos” as they call themselves, are a friendly society. Surrounded by the natural splendors of Costa Rica every day, it’s no wonder you’ll be sure to find a warm, welcoming invitation from the locals.

Be sure to check out the local calendar for any upcoming festivals! Some of the best memories are made witnessing and partaking in the parades and celebrations that only happen once a year.

Book Your Trip to Costa Rica for Your Honeymoon Now!

Costa Rica is a wonderful country to share with your loved one.

Your honeymoon should provide you and your partner with all of the rest, relaxation, and recreation that only the perfect destination can offer. Look into booking your tickets now and visit Costa Rica for your honeymoon.

And if you’re looking for an all-inclusive package to satisfy all your honeymoon needs, check out our vacation packages. We have services for every occasion!

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