by Shannon Farley

Costa Rica has some of the most spectacular rainforests and wildlife on the planet, besides truly awesome beaches, mountains, rivers, and volcanoes. Without a doubt, Costa Rica is a nature lover’s dream.

The tropical country has always been a great place to take a vacation but given the recent reality of traveling during and post-pandemic, Costa Rica has gained in popularity.


Is it safe to travel to Costa Rica? 

Costa Rica has done a good job so far of managing the pandemic. The contagion was kept relatively under control, and hospitals were never completely saturated. The country quickly enacted very strong safety and sanitation requirements, and people followed the directives.

Masks are required everywhere in indoor public spaces, and most people wear them even when outdoors and in uncrowded places. Most restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions have installed hand-washing stations at their entrances, and hand sanitizer is always available.

You do not need to take a coronavirus test to travel to Costa Rica. Travelers must fill out a digital health pass and get a QR code within 48 hours of arriving. Costa Rica currently requires visitors to have insurance coverage for medical expenses and lodging if they have to quarantine. The tourism board’s user-friendly website has all the information you need for entry requirements. For travelers who need a negative Covid-19 test to return to their home country, there are over 100 testing sites all over Costa Rica.


Why Costa Rica is a top 2021 travel destination

The massive upheaval of life in 2020 gave us a burning desire to reconnect with nature. After a year of lockdowns, time outdoors is more important than ever.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Costa Rica has become a “major destination” during the pandemic because of its abundant nature-based experiences combined with its close and easy flights to the United States.

The National Geographic Traveller (UK) included Costa Rica in its Best of the World 2021 list:

Imagine a country that’s one-quarter national park, a place where you could hike in a rainforest in the morning and surf tropical waves in the afternoon. Imagine an adventure Eden where sustainability was a strategy long before the world caught on, where jaguars prowl in the jungle, harpy eagles fly, and Jesus Christ lizards walk on water before your eyes. That country is Costa Rica.

It’s no wonder. There is something for everyone here.

Rich biodiversity, tropical rainforest, and natural beauty, combined with affordable Costa Rica family vacation packages, make it a perfect family travel destination. Just married? Sensational Costa Rica honeymoon itineraries will inspire you. Need a rest? You can find some of the best places to practice yoga in Costa Rica.


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