Planning a trip to Costa Rica, but not sure how you’ll get around?

Transportation is one of the most important things to nail down when you’re traveling in other countries. The best methods of transport will vary from place to place. But no matter what, you’ll want something that’s safe, reliable, and easy.

When you visit Costa Rica, you have a number of different options for transit. However, some are better than others. Should you choose a Costa Rica shuttle service, a taxi, or a rental car?

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the pros, cons, and details of all your options. Keep reading to learn more!

Ways to Travel in Costa Rica

If you don’t have much time or money, you’ll want to know the best ways to get where you need to be. Costa Rica doesn’t have subways or a fast, connected network of public transit, which can be a challenge for some travelers. However, the good news is that you have options.


Flying is certainly the fastest way to travel just about anywhere, and Costa Rica is no exception. Instead of spending hours in a car, you can cut your time down to minutes on a plane. Costa Rica is a fairly small country, so you can go from border to border quickly.

You can also use a Costa Rica shuttle service to get to and from the airport – more on that later.

The country has two international airports: LIR in Liberia, and SJO in San Jose. You can also choose from the country’s two domestic airlines for in-country flights: Sansa Air and Aerobell Airlines.

Nature Air actually offers flights to 15 destinations, some of which are outside of the country. You can fly to Panama or Nicaragua if you plan to see more countries. Sansa Air offers 12 in-country destinations.

However, although flying is fast, it’s one of the most expensive options for travel.


Taxis are a favorite way to get around in Costa Rica and can be useful for quick trips. However, on longer trips, this can also be an expensive choice.

Taxis aren’t hard to find, so you might find yourself tempted to splurge whenever you see one, but it’s often not worth it when so many cheaper options are available.


Costa Rica has had Uber as an option since 2015. If you’re in the city of San Jose, you can take advantage of this modern transit option. This isn’t the cheapest option, but it does cost less than taxis and can get you where you’re going fairly fast.


Many visitors to Costa Rica opt to rent a car instead of using a Costa Rica shuttle service or another option. Although this can be a costly option too, it does come with a lot of freedom and flexibility for your trip.

Many of Costa Rica’s best locations aren’t serviced by bus, so driving offers a way to see more of the country.

The cost of renting a car depends on a number of factors: time of year, type of insurance, and variety of car all play a part. One thing to consider if you decide to drive is that you’ll need to learn a bit about the local driving culture so you can get where you’re going safely and efficiently. You should also be sure to study what the unfamiliar local roads are like.

Public Transit

If you really want to save money, public transportation is cheaper than any of the above options. The public transit in popular tourist areas and well-populated areas is pretty fast and efficient, too. However, this isn’t an effective way to see less-populated parts of the country.

If you want to go to a major beach or main city, you can probably get there by bus, especially if you’re traveling from San Jose.

Although taking the bus is cheap, it is a slow way to get around, as the bus will be making a lot of different stops. If you’re not in the country for long, or if you are going a long way, you’ll want to choose a different method of transit.


Some daring travelers decide to see Costa Rica by scooter or motorcycle. You can rent scooters in many of the country’s beach communities.

Some people even buy an inexpensive motorcycle for their trip and then sell it when they leave. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to get a motorcycle license to drive legally.

This is an exciting way to get around, but it can be dangerous, especially in the rainy season. Many roads can become very slippery when wet.


For travel along the coast, a ferry can be a great option – much faster than driving in some cases. You’ll find a number of taxi boats that can take you where you want to go.


One of the best ways get around Costa Rica is a shuttle service. Instead of struggling with maps, rental cars, or the confusion of public transit, a convenient Costa Rica shuttle service will get you where you need to be with no hassle.

Taking a shuttle is a great choice for both large and small groups since a shuttle service can accommodate a lot of people. You can either choose a shared shuttle or a private shuttle for just you and your group.

When you take a shuttle service, you can work with the company to plan day trips, or to map out transportation for your whole visit. Shuttle services offer much more than just transit – they can offer everything from day tours to custom vacation packages.

A shuttle is a great way to get transport everywhere you really want to go, without spending a lot. The Costa Rica shuttle service will work with you to make sure you see everything you want to see. This is one of the few options that’s both fast, flexible, and cost-effective for travelers.

Looking for a Costa Rica Shuttle Service?

If you want to see as much of the country as possible safely and on a budget, you’ll definitely want to find a great shuttle service.

Whether you’re just looking for transport from the airport or for your entire trip, we can help. Contact us now to find out everything we have to offer.

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