Although the travel agency industry took a downward turn several years ago, it’s beginning to bounce back. In fact, last year the American Society of Travel Agents saw the highest number of bookings through agencies in three years. If you’re looking for a travel agency in Costa Rica, now is a great time.

There are many advantages to using a travel agency. It’s their job to know more than you and provide better resources to help you plan your vacation. They also have access to great benefits and can get better prices than you could on your own.

But what should your criteria be for finding the best travel agency? How do you know you’re working with a quality agent and getting the best service available?

A Quality Travel Agency in Costa Rica is Out There

Just the idea of spending money and time on a vacation and having it go badly is a horrible thought. You’ve worked for your trip and you want it to be as memorable as possible. The travel agent you end up working with needs to have your best interests in mind at all times.

Before you begin your search for a travel agency in Costa Rica, there are some things you should know. Finding the best agent isn’t as easy as simply picking the top search result online.

Let’s look at a few things to consider when searching for a travel agency.

Make Sure They Understand Your Needs

A good travel agency in Costa Rica should recognize and appreciate your needs. An experienced agent will ask many questions of you in order to become familiar with your expectations. If they don’t, this may be a sign that they don’t care as much as they should.

A quality agency will ask certain questions such as:

  • Where exactly do you want to go and why?
  • How long do you wish to stay?
  • What is your vacation budget?
  • What type of things do you want to do on your trip?

Make sure and have this type of information available for the agent when you first talk to them. The more information you have about your expectations, the better.

A good agent will take this information and provide a sample vacation for you. They will be able to explain things like transportation, accommodation, and recreational details. They should also be able to give you an estimate on the cost.

Asking the Right Questions of Your Agent

The last thing you want to do is pick an agency quickly without getting the proper information. Once you’ve found an agency that seems reputable, you need to ask some questions before you make a decision.

It’s a good idea to talk to an agent in person instead of via phone or e-mail. Find out how long the agency and agent you’re working with has been in business. You want to be working with someone with solid experience.

You should also ask upfront about any fees they will be charging. It’s important you know exactly what you will be paying for.

When you’re talking to an agency for the first time, take notice of the office. Do the other agents seem genuine and engaging of their customer’s needs? You can tell a lot from an office environment.

If you don’t like the impression you get you should move on the next agency right away.

Find a Locally Established and Reputable Agency

A good local reputation is very important in the travel industry. A travel agency in Costa Rica should be locally known and established. They should have a reputation of treating customers with care and providing successful results.

You can’t afford to throw your money away on an agency that is inexperienced. Their track record and number of years in business will ensure that you are getting the same quality service that many others have gotten before you.

An agency that has operated for years in the same location will have great local resources and connections. You know that you’ll be working with an agent that knows the best hotels, restaurants, and recreation in that area.

Pay Attention to Their Online Presence

When you’re searching for a travel agency in Costa Rica you’ll likely be looking online. You’ll always want to look at an agency’s website. If it’s out of date and provides little information, this could be a red flag.

But you probably shouldn’t pass on an agency strictly based off their website. Customer reviews are a popular way for people to make buying decisions and that’s no different for travel agents.

Make sure and read as many customer reviews for an agency you’re considering. If a person had a bad experience with an agency that affected their vacation, they will likely have a lot to say about it. You should never consider an agency if you’re seeing frequent negative reviews.

Always Compare Prices

A good agency should be finding deals that are comparable to the deals you find yourself online. In fact, they should either match these prices or beat them.

It’s a good idea to do a little homework and check airfare and hotel prices online to have a frame of reference when deciding on an agent. How frustrating would it be to go with an agency and then find out you could have saved money with someone else.

Make sure and shop around at different agencies and compare prices. If an agency’s fee are especially high you shouldn’t consider using them.

Costa Rica Vacation Packages

Costa Rica is a hot spot for people looking for fun, relaxation and breathtaking natural beauty. When you’re planning your next trip it’s important you use the criteria covered in this article to find the best travel agency in Costa Rica. Don’t let yourself get caught up in an agency that doesn’t have your best intentions in mind.

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