One could argue that the Costa Rican variety is unparalleled by any other place in the world. Starting from scenic views and ending with exquisite delicacies, Costa Rica has a little of everything to boast.

It’s quite easy to become confused with the wide range of things to see and places to visit in Costa Rica. But do not worry, we have 5 Costa Rica vacation ideas for you to consider for your upcoming trip to this amazing country.

5 Vacation Ideas for Your Upcoming Costa Rica Vacation

Pay a Visit to Manuel Antonio National Park

Many people are going to tell you that paying a visit to Manuel Antonio National Park is a must if you are in Costa Rica. We definitely agree, especially given that it was listed by Forbes among the most beautiful national parks in the world. This certainly speaks of the beauties that are awaiting tourists at a site not too far from the town of Quepos.

On Manuel Antonio National Park tours, you will have the chance to observe the park’s fauna comprising of 184 species of birds and 109 of mammals. Aside from the multitude of animals and the gorgeous wildlife to see, visitors looking for beach fun will have the expansive areas of Manuel Antonio’s white sand beaches at their disposal.

One thing to keep in mind with Manuel Antonio National Park is that it is closed on Monday, in contrast with many other tours and tourist attractions in Costa Rica. So if you do want to see what the National Park has to offer, plan your trip so that you are in Manuel Antonio on any day other than Monday.

Go on an Adventure in Arenal

Zip lining, walking hanging bridges, and simple hiking are among the many things that you could do in Costa Rica. Some people argue that only a few places in the world can offer as much adventure as Costa Rica, with the best place to do it being Arenal.

Of particular interest to tourists will likely be the Sky Trek zip line tour. This tour starts with an open gondola that ascends to an observation area at an altitude of 4100 feet, offering some spectacular views for passengers along the way. Then starts the zip line adventure.

From a viewing platform at the endpoint of the gondola’s route, zip liners ride down on a track stretching across vast canyons, plains, and forests. The Sky Trek zip line tour includes seven zip lines, covering which may take two-three hours.

The Arenal Volcano lying along the zip line route may be of great interest to tourists with its majestic slopes and its dormant grandeur. Up until 2010, this volcano has been among the most active in the world, but it currently sits in a resting phase, allowing for a more up-close experience.

Note that the gondola may be taken by itself without the zip line adventure, but by doing so, you would miss most of what the Sky Trek zip line tour has to offer.

Appreciate the efforts of Kids Saving the Rainforest

Kids Saving the Rainforest is a non-profit organization and wildlife sanctuary based in the town of Quepos. This sanctuary houses nearly 50 animals that cannot be released back into the wild due to their condition.

To help people learn about the dangers of human-wildlife interaction, pet trade, and other topics related to the relations between people and animals, Kids Saving the Rainforest offers educational tours to the public. Ultimately, you will learn how to engage in ecologically responsible tourism and how to respect wildlife.

Kids Saving the Rainforest also operates a rescue center that saves and rehabilitates over 100 animals annually. In addition, the organization hosts interns and volunteers from around the world who wish to contribute to its cause. If you want to show some appreciation for the good work that the Kids Saving the Rainforest does, make sure to participate in one of their tours.

Watch Whales and Dolphins in Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast

Whale & dolphin watching is a major activity in Costa Rica due to the country’s vicinity to the ocean. There are a few tour operators offering whale & dolphin watching tours in Costa Rica, if you want more information about whale-watching tours in Costa Rica feel free to contact us here.

Most whale-watching tours offered aren’t merely about whale watching. The tour operator has several boats to choose from, aboard which tourists are provided with plenty of space, customized quality service, as well as fresh food and drinks.

Aside from that, during the excursion, you will have the opportunity to swim and snorkel in the crystal clear waters near the seaside of Manuel Antonio.

Because the tour is based in Manuel Antonio, the excursion is ideal for those who are visiting and staying in Manuel Antonio, Quepos. You may also pair it with other amazing tours of the zone such as the Manuel Antonio National Park nature tour.

Partake in a Coffee Tour

Coffee tours can be fun and informative even for non-connoisseurs. But being home to what is often considered the highest-quality coffee in the world, Costa Rican coffee plantations are going to be of special interest to coffee fanciers.

If you didn’t know, it is illegal to produce any type of coffee other than 100% Arabica in this country, which is the main reason for why locals and tourists can enjoy the true excellence of Costa Rican coffee.

There is a plentitude of coffee plantations in the Central Valley of Costa Rica, with most tours covering just a single plantation. Costa Rican coffee tours usually include a walk through the plantation fields, a discussion of the local coffee history, as well as a tour through coffee processing facilities.

Needless to say, fresh-made coffee is available for tourists at coffee tours. Some tours also allow visitors to take raw coffee fruits as souvenirs.

Among the most popular Costa Rican coffee tours are Espiritu Santo in Naranjo and Doka Estate in Sabanilla de Alajuela. Tour prices usually fall between $15 and $30, exclusive of coffee and other souvenirs purchased during the tour.

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