Are you dreaming of winter holiday destinations?

Costa Rica is the ideal vacation spot if you are a lover of all things related to the ocean.

From the black sand beaches to the jungle to the friendly locals, it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are plenty of things to do in Costa Rica, so you won’t be limited in options.

Best yet, Costa Rica is a perfect destination for the eco-minded traveler, with a well-established eco-tourism industry.

Read on to learn more about why Costa Rica is the perfect winter destination.

The Affordability

The cost of Costa Rica is very affordable considering other winter holiday destinations options in the U.S. and Europe.

Airfare is typically around $500 from both JFK and LAX, and the cost of food and activities will range depending on how long you stay and the activities you choose.

The best time to travel in the winter is typically in early December because this is the tail end of the rainy season, and most tourists travel during Christmas and New Years.

But, in the event that you choose to travel for the holidays, try to book everything before September.

After that, hotel availability becomes more limited. That said, it may also a good idea to check out some of the less traveled areas of Costa Rica, such as the Costa Rica Biodiversity & Beaches Package.

The Weather

The climate of Costa Rica is warm and forgiving, even deep into the winter it remains favorable for beach-goers.

The best part of the winter in Costa Rica is that it is the end of the rainy season, meaning that you gain more freedom and opportunities to enjoy all the outdoor activities it provides.

In fact, there are only considered two seasons in Costa Rica, and “summer” (verano) – which occurs January through April and then the rainy “winter” (invierno) – May through December.

There is plenty of sunshine, and with an average high of 75.3 F, it is an amazing alternative to snowy peaks.

Best yet, it is there is the common weather phenomenon of strong winds, named “Papagayos.” It essentially serves as a reminder that it is winter somewhere.

The Beauty

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, especially for their beaches.

One example of a well-known beach is Manuel Antonio, which includes a 30-minute hike through the rainforest to access it. Within the hike, there are monkeys and a flourishing jungle.

Coral reefs are also common off of Costa Rican beaches, making it interesting in terms of winter holiday destinations.

This country is filled to the brim with cloud forests, volcanoes, river valleys, beaches, and rich biodiversity.

It houses over 615 wildlife species per 10,000 sq km, Costa Rica is the list as the most bio-diverse region of the world.

With all that flora and fauna, it also has 12 key ecological zones. You don’t have to wonder why scientists often consider this breathtaking country “the living Eden” because an estimated 5% of Earth’s biodiversity is in this small country.

The amount of protected land is staggering in Costa Rica, nearly 25% of the total land mass.

It is no surprise that it has 27 national parks, 58 wildlife refuges, 32 protected zones, 15 wetland areas/mangroves, 11 forest reserves and 8 biological reserves, in addition to the 12 other conservation regions.

So, on your next vacation to Costa Rica, imagine the rich and unique wildlife you will see in the stunning cloud forests there, in addition to all the adventure that awaits.

The Activities

There is no shortage of things to do in Costa Rica, no matter what your interests or location may be.

The Arenal Volcano takes the top of the list as the most popular and amazing activity in Costa Rica. It is still considered an active volcano, and at the top elevation of 5,000 feet, you may be lucky enough to see lava.

Another fun activity is the Paz Waterfalls, with plenty of wildlife to see as well as five unique waterfalls.

Surfing is a popular activity on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. If you have always wanted the perfect opportunity to learn, consider this in your search for winter holiday destinations.

There are also plenty of snorkeling, scuba, and swimming opportunities at the many lovely beaches.

Additionally, who could forget about the possibility of ziplining through the jungle? This is a popular activity for visitors, as you get to see the rainforest during an adrenaline rush.

The capital city of San Jos? is a great central location to get the most out of a Costa Rican vacation. It houses museums, nightlife, and restaurants.

The food in Costa Rica is perfect for any self-proclaimed foodie out there, and the cultural diversity of Costa Rica offers many options.

A few must-try dishes include Ceviche Tico, Picadillo, and Gallo Pinto. These are all local favorites unique to Costa Rica. As well, make sure to savor the fresh seafood that is in abundance.

Overall, you will not be disappointed in the availability of activities in this country. In fact, you may find yourself wishing you had more time to enjoy all that this destination has to offer you and your family.

The Best in Winter Holiday Destinations

It will be difficult for other winter holiday destinations to match the abundance of benefits that Costa Rica offers travelers.

There are ample opportunities to relax and take in all that this planet has to offer, as Costa Rica will not let you forget how beautiful it is.

From volcanoes to the food, it is near impossible not to enjoy your time here. And, with English widely spoken, you shouldn’t feel out of place.

Start planning your next winter holiday destination today with an amazing vacation package to make your vacation more effortless than ever.

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